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Why it's Never Too Late to Study a Postgraduate Course

Constantly contemplating studying a postgraduate course but think it’s too late? Whether you think your academic days are behind you or you think it’s just too late in the year, we explain why it’s NEVER too late to study a postgraduate course.

The Academic Year is Different

Unlike the undergraduate timetable which demands you apply by a set date in January every year, the postgraduate application process is a little more flexible.

Most universities will either have an application date later on in the year, or will accept applications right up until the course starts. So, before you write off the academic year completely, check your chosen university to see if the deadline has even passed yet.

You Don’t Have to Come Straight From University

In the academic world, the word “CV Gap” isn’t a thing, so it doesn’t matter whether you got your undergraduate degree ten minutes ago or ten years ago, whether you’re 21 or 101, you’re still an eligible candidate as far as a university is concerned.

They look at your previous qualifications, skills and experience, not the date that you wore a graduate cap and posed with a fake degree and a new haircut.

In fact, the longer you’ve been out of the university the better for you ultimately, as you’re more likely to know what course you want to do, why you want to study it and have the skills and experience to impress the admissions team.  

New Skills Are Always Useful

There’s no set time period in your life where new knowledge is suddenly useless. Whether you want to develop your skills for your own personal growth or to take another step on the career ladder, the skills you’ll develop and learn at postgraduate level will always be useful.

Funding Has Got Easier

Up until recently, funding a postgraduate course was rather tricky. You either had to save the pennies for a while, apply for a career development loan or become your bank manager’s best friend.

But times have changed, and if you’re applying for a master’s course you can get a student loan up to the value of  just under £11,000. And just like your undergraduate student loan, you only pay it back once you’re earning a certain amount.

Plus, there’s always scholarships, bursaries and even alumni discounts to apply for if you’re heading back to your old university for your postgraduate year.

They Don’t All Last for Several Years

While PhDs can take around four years to complete, some postgraduate courses can take just a few months to complete (these tend to be Postgraduate Diplomas or Certificates).

So, before you start wondering whether you can afford to take three years off work to study, see if your course can be done quicker than that. Even some Master’s courses can be speeded up so they take a single year to complete.

Many Postgraduate Courses Are Flexible

Working a full-time job, looking after kids and running a yoga class at the same time? Believe it or not, you could still study a postgraduate course.

Many universities now offer part-time courses which teach the same content as the full-time degree, but over a longer period of time. Some institutions even offer online or distance learning courses, which means you can gain your postgraduate student status without changing out of your pyjamas.

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